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For complete dentures, Dental Crafters chooses the Swissedent set-up technique in order to create the most natural looking denture possible. With this method, information specific to the patient is taken into account when producing a customized denture. For example, individual features such as facial shape, age, and gender are considered. Additionally, by using the Alameter and Papillameter tools, measurements unique to the patient are taken.

Alameter – measures the width of the nose ala-to-ala.

Measurement of the nose determines the width of the anterior arch, as it was before the teeth were extracted, by providing a center-of-cuspid to center-of-cuspid measurement. As a result, one of the Alameter suggested molds, or any mold in the same size category from Swissedent can be chosen.


Papillameter – measures the lip at rest.

This tool aids in the fabrication of a wax Swissedent Esthetic Control Base by measuring the exact length of the upper lip. This measurement is a key for correct positioning of the teeth; for determining proper lip support and length; for providing the right labial inclination; for establishing an automatic smile line; and for setting the anterior teeth in roper vertical inclination.



Anterior tooth selection consist of the following options:

  • Premium VITA Physiodens teeth by Vident™
    • Provides exceptionally natural looking teeth specific to gender
    • Perfect closure of interdental spaces for a natural look based on age
    • Multi-layered resulting in opalescence, luminescence, and balanced translucency
  • Standard Mondial 6 and Artic teeth by Heraues
    • The natural, lifelike appearance is achieved by multiple layers of dentin and enamel
    • The blended layers work to promote color stability and enduring wear
  • Economy Artic 6 by Heraues
    • Multi-layer design available in all shades from A1 through D4

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