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Made of lithium disilicate, our e.max® restorations are available in three different transparency levels to include low, medium and high. When comparing a lithium disilicate restoration to a zirconia restoration, lithium disilicate restorations have a significantly higher translucency at each thickness level.

Our e.max® products are available in three different transparency levels. If we know the stump shade/prep, we can select the transparency level that will optimize the esthetics of the restoration. Simply note the stump shade on the Rx form and if possible, submit a photograph. We will then take care of the rest.

The Process

Patient models are digitally imported into a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program where the crown is designed. Using the patient-custom design, our milling machine mills a restoration out of lithium disilicate. A thorough final quality check is performed before it is packaged for delivery.

e.Max Line Drawing


e.max® Anterior

  • Veneers
  • Single Units
  • 3 Unit Bridges

e.max® Posterior

  • Inlay
  • Onlay
  • Single Units

e.max® Facial Cutback

  • Single Units

Rx Form Requirement

Due to the high level of translucency, a stump shade is required on the Rx form for e.max® and e.max® Facial Cutback restorations.

e.Max Low Medium High

Cement Options:

Cement lithium disilicate restorations with self-adhesive resin cement or conventional resin cement like like 3M’s RelyX Ultimate.

e.Max Beauty and Strength Chart

* The stump shade/prep can affect the esthetics of lithium disilicate restorations. To learn more, call 1.800.472.8302

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