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Custom Temporary Abutment & Temporary Provisional

Establish a better emergence profile with a custom temporary provisional (CTP).

If your patient is a candidate for an immediate provisionalization of the implant, our custom temporary provisional (CTP) is the right fit for you.

Made of titanium, temporary custom abutments contour the tissue to create an ideal emergence profile. This results in a more aesthetic final restoration that is faster and easier to seat.

It’s Simple

We import a coDiagnostiX™ plan into a design program that allows us to create a custom abutment and temporary crown based on the integrated bone and tissue. We currently support the following implant systems:

  • Zimmer
  • Implant Direct
    • Legacy
    • Interactive
    • Replant
    • Reactive
  • Astra (EV not included)
  • Ankylos
  • 3i
  • Straumann
  • Argon
  • Implant One
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