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Digital Scan Instructions

We’ve outlined the process of connecting to Dental Crafters digitally using the most popular intraoral scanners on the market — simply find yours below and follow the instructions.

Contact us if you have any questions!


  1. Go to Carestream Connect on the scanner
  2. Search for Dental Crafters
  3. Select add Dental Crafters
  4. Select Dental Crafters when submitting cases


  1. Log into Cerec Connect account
  2. Select my Cerec Connect
  3. Type Dental Crafters in the box for company name
  4. Click find
  5. Check box for Dental Crafters
  6. Click add to complete registration

E4D Planmeca

  1. Export case files as an .STL
  2. Go to the Dental Crafters website,
  3. On the left side of the screen, click on the “Send Photos/Files Icon” and complete the instructions on the website. Select the stl files or drag and drop them in the designated area.
  4. Fill in the information in the text boxes to include the patient information.
  5. Make sure you type “models for print” in the message text field.
  6. You should receive an email confirming that your case files have been sent to us.


Option 1

  1. Select find a lab on iTero Scanner
  2. Connect to Dental Crafters using
  3. After connection, restart the scanner
  4. Select Dental Crafters when submitting
    Dental Crafters Lab ID: 6491

Option 2

  1. Call iTero (800.577.8767) and select option 1, then select option 1 again to speak to customer service. Tell them you would like to add Dental Crafters as a lab
  2. Request Dental Crafters and use the Dental Crafters phone number (715.387.2642)
  3. Restart after we’re added
  4. Select Dental Crafters when submitting cases


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Connections
  3. Click on Add Connection
  4. Search for Dental Crafters using
  5. We will confirm the connection
  6. Select Dental Crafters when submitting cases

True Definition

Option 1

  1. Call 3M support at 1.800.634.2249 and select option 3. Then select option 1.
  2. Request Dental Crafters be added to your scanner
  3. 3M will confirm with us and add the connection
  4. Go into the setting and make Dental Crafters an active lab
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