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Cast Implant Bars

Dental Crafters has 20+ years experience in casting implant bars.  This time-proven product is comparable to milled bars and should be considered a very viable option.  Cast bars are advantageous because they offer a wide variety of attachment designs.

Shown here is a sampling of the many implant attachments available from Dental Crafters.

CAD/CAM Milled Implant Bars


Milled from solid titanium, Dental Crafters offers a comprehensive line of CAD/CAM Overdenture Implant Bars. For added precision, Dental Crafters utilizes design software from NobelProcera™.  Implant bars from NobelProcera™ are individually designed using 3D CAD/CAM driven software, industrially milled from a solid biocompatible monobloc of titanium, and delivered highly polished and ready to use. Thanks to precision milling, these bars exhibit exceptional fit, ideal load transfer, and long-term stable screw joints.  The NobelProcera™ implant bars offer excellent versatility and are suitable for a wide variety of attachment types and therefore meet the requirements of most clinical situations.

Software-5.jpg Software-6.jpg

To see how the NobelProcera™ system works, click on the video below.