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As a prescribed intraoral device, Dental Crafters’ custom-fit, FDA-approved IST Snoring Appliance is designed to help ease snoring and sleep apnea by repositioning the lower jaw by holding the mandible forward during sleep. The two-piece upper and lower arch system is designed to advance the lower jaw forward which increases airway passage. Connecting the upper and lower pieces of this mandibular advancement device is a telescoping stainless steel tube component consisting of a tube (upper) and rod (lower). With the IST Snoring Appliance, you are able to open and close your mouth along with left to right jaw movement, all while the determined forward position is maintained.

X-Rays at Dental Crafters in Marshfield, WI

Without intraoral device

X-Rays at Dental Crafters in Marshfield, WI

With intraoral device


George Gauge for IST: The IST requires a special bite to be taken using a George Gauge.


George Gauge Image 3

Highlights include:

  • The IST sleep apnea treatment device offers a sturdy, custom fit for each patient with trays fitting comfortably over all upper and lower teeth
  • Designed to accommodate forward and lateral movement while jaw is in advanced position
  • Opens the airway permitting mouth-breathing (it can be easily removed)
  • Reduces occlusal wearing from teeth grinding
  • Contains medical grade stainless steel mechanism to connect acrylic arches

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