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Dental Crafters now offers model printing services to other dental labs. Using our commercial Stereo Lithography 3D printer, we are capable of producing around thirty dental quadrants in one print.

Our 3D printer uses ultraviolet LED light projection to cure the print material (liquid monomer resin), transforming it from its liquid state to a polymerized solid. The cured resin is hardened in layers that build atop one another in order to produce the parts. With this method we are able to have layer heights as low as 50 micrometers (0.05mm), which exceeds the industry standard based on our research findings. The tight tolerances ensure quality models which results in quality crowns too.

To place your order, simply complete the following

  1. Complete and save the following order form to your desktop. Order Form
  2. Click on the “click here to upload” link below.
  3. Select My Computer Icon
  4. Click on “Select File” and select your STL files along with the completed order form you just saved to your desktop.
  5. Enter your Company Name, Case ID and “Models for Print” in the Message box.
  6. Hit “Send”

If you have any questions, please contact Dental Crafters at 1.800.472.8302.

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