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Temporary Crowns

Radica temps are a lab-processed provisional material that combines high flexural strength characteristics with great esthetics. This temporary material is easy to work with and easy to realign and repair. It can be fabricated to make placement very intimate with the preparation of the teeth. Radica’s monomer-free formulation and extra-oral cure results in lower sensitivity, and its wear resistance and superior strength make single-tooth and full-mouth reconstruction very durable. Additionally, crack and break repair is easy.

Acrylic (Telio® CAD by NobelProcera): Telio® CAD by NobelProcera™ provisional solutions in acrylic are cost-effective and offer excellent marginal integrity and good wear characteristics. All restorations are milled from a homogeneous block resulting in extraordinary strength.

The material has life-like fluorescence and is available in six shades (four A shades and two bleaching shades) and additional characterization is possible with light-cured composite stains and glazes.

Temporary Crowns at Dental Crafters in Marshfield, WI

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