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Dental Crafters Restorative Implant Seminar April 24, 2015
9 Hours of CE Credit 

A full day of lecture and discussion is set aside for fixed and removable prosthesis. In addition, we will discuss all aspects of the anterior implant, from soft tissue training to final impressions in the esthetic zone. Attendees will also learn when to choose screw-retained versus cement-retained restorations, and the need to think outside the box to tackle dental implant system's limitations.

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Dental Crafters Advanced Restorative Prosthetics May 1, 2015
9 Hours of CE Credit

This one-day lecture course will cover how to create a step-by-step restorative outline that includes treatment planning hybrids, implant choices, CT design, interim hybrid prosthesis and prosthetic parts. We are confident that when leaving this course, you will have the knowledge to start your next hybrid case and add a valuable treatment option for your patients.

Each participant will receive a model as part of attending the seminar.

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All CeramicsView Our New Restorative Options Reference Guide
This new guide includes information about our products, including a strength and beauty rating scale, location/prep and material line drawings as well as a list of cement options.

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