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The 24/7 Online Customer Care Portal allows you to:

  •  Quickly enter new cases and check the status of existing cases
  •  Easily upload photos and notes
  • Access educational resources (product catalogs, videos, etc.)

Shine a new light on intraoral scanning, purchase a Shining Intraoral Scanner from Dental Crafters®


As a member of the Dental Crafters Network Family,
we offer FREE educational seminars for your staff.

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Click on the link below to directly upload your materials.
If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us.

Experience the brilliance of high-definition intraoral scans that capture every intricate detail. Say farewell to messy impressions that cause your patients anxiety -say hello to a smooth, efficient, and an enjoyable scanning experience. To purchase a Shining intraoral scanner or to schedule a demo, contact Tony or Heather.

As a member of the Dental Crafters Network family, we offer free educational sessions that help keep your team informed in our ever-changing industry. Training and retaining great team members is crucial to providing your patients with the best possible outcomes!

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