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N.Dura™ (Zirconia)

Ideal for posterior restorations, our N.Dura™ products are made out of high-strength zirconia, resulting in a good combination of strength and beauty.

The Process

Patient models are digitally imported into a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program where the crown is designed. Following the custom design, our milling machine mills a restoration out of a durable zirconium substructure. A thorough final quality check is performed before it is glazed and packaged for delivery.

N.Dura Line Drawing


N.Dura™ Facial Cutback & N.Dura™ Anterior

  • Single Units
  • Bridges

N.Dura™ Facial Cutback & N.Dura™ Posterior

  • Single Units
  • Bridges

Cement Options:

Cement zirconia restorations with resin modified glass ionomer or self-adhesive resin cement like 3M’s RelyX Unicem 2.

* The stump shade/prep can affect the esthetics of highly translucent (HT) zirconia restorations. To learn more, call 1.800.472.8302

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