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Traditional Classic Denture

Restore patient function and control.
New Virtual Try-In lets dentists and their patients see future dentures.

Using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, our dentures are customized to provide a comfortable and precise fit.

Traditional Classic Dentures

Give your patients the beautiful smile they deserve.

Provide an exceptionally durable and esthetically pleasing option for your patients, select our traditional classic dentures. We take Nature-Cryl™ acrylic resin and use a heat cured process to give patients a high-quality long-term solution they can depend on. Dentures are easy to adjust, reline or repair.

Traditional Classic Dentures

New Virtual Try-In

Our new digital denture setup allows both doctors and patients to preview restorations before they’re created. With virtual try-ins patients will be able to see first-hand how their dentures will look, increasing patient acceptance and cutting down on appointment time. Achieve the perfect result, click here for the step-by-step instructions.

Available Tooth Options



How it Works

Doctor submits a smile and a retracted photo of the patient (click here for instructions). Our team virtually arranges the teeth using the patient’s facial shape, smile line, and vertical dimension. Once setup is complete the virtual design is sent to be reviewed by the doctor and the patient. When the design is approved, the practitioner will receive a physical wax try-in based on the digital design.

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