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CT Surgical Guides

Surgical Guide

After your treatment plan is complete, Implant Solutions fabricates a custom made surgical guide. Designed to help you perform implant surgery in an efficient, precise and safe manner with predictable results, our guided surgery process also helps you achieve unmatched aesthetic results as we take into account the final restoration during the implant planning process.

Implant Solutions offers three types of surgical guides to meet your surgical implant needs:

  • Tooth Supported Surgical Guide
    Recommended for single tooth or partially edentulous cases, the tooth supported guide is placed directly onto the teeth.
  • Mucosa Supported Surgical Guide
    Ideal for fully edentulous cases with minimal invasive surgery, the mucosa guide is positioned on the soft tissue.
  • Bone Supported Surgical Guide
    Suitable for partial or fully edentulous cases, the bone supported guide is place on the jawbone. This surgical guide requires sufficient bone surface support for effective and safe surgical guide positioning.

The surgical guides are made of FDA approved bio-compatible 3D printing material.



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