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Implant Dentures

2 Locators With Removable Overdenture

An Overdenture is a type of denture that fits over the top of a patient’s teeth or dental implants. The Overdenture is fastened by attachments and secured into the patient’s implants or roots. If there are remaining roots, the patient may find the Overdenture option a more naturally fitting and comfortable solution compared to a complete denture.


Fixed Overdenture

A Fixed Overdenture is an implant bar over 4 implants, and with premium denture teeth processed to bar.


Bar With Removable Overdenture

Doctors looking to provide patients with a removable denture with little or no movement might wish to consider a Bar Overdenture. In this treatment option, four to six dental implants support a solid metal bar. The bar is screwed into the implants and the denture is secured to the bar with a variety of bar Overdenture attachments.


N.Dura Implant Hybrid

The N.Dura Hybrid zirconium looks as good as a traditional acrylic denture but has tremendous strength and better hygienic properties.

  • All Zirconium
  • Provides exceptional strength!
  • Outstanding esthetics
  • Better hygienic properties
  • Since zirconium will not absorb contaminates as readily as acrylic, the solid zirconium denture offers a hygienic improvement over acrylic based dentures.

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